About Us

A Little Bit About the Ross Lake Lavender Farm.

Ross Lake Lavender Farm wasn’t always a lavender farm. Many years ago, Ross and Helen Daily lived at their 72-acre ranch in De Luz growing avocados and limes. Recently in 2020, their grandson Ross, took over operations and began planting 40,000 floral plants on the ranch. We are growing many varieties of filler and flowers including: baby blue eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus, parvifolia eucalyptus, 10,000 lavender plants, different kinds of proteas, different colored pin cushions, banksia, grevillea, aussie pine, sunflowers, myrtle, crooked willow, ebony leucadendron. We deliver fresh flowers 3x a week to Daily Blooms in Fallbrook. If you are in the market for some beautiful fresh flowers, check out Daily Blooms located on 1050 S Main Ave (old McDonalds building) or visit us at www.dailybloomsfarm.com

A Bouquet from Heaven in Fallbrook